hoy stay

How We Started
Just a few days after the new year of 2022, Mel, one of the founders of hoy, was retrenched without notice. She had already prepared herself and her furkids (Oli & YouTiao), to survive the days she was to be in the office.


Taking it as a sign, she is now focusing on both hoy & hoy stay, where she aims to ease the worries of Pawrents while they are back at the office. She also provides training to better set a foundation for their furkids for the future. Self-taught, she has managed to train YouTiao's separation anxiety, excessive barking and to remain calm instead of lunging/pulling.


Our Philosophy
Mel's philosophy is that there is no such thing as an unteachable dog, but instead, they just require a little more patience, tender loving care and understanding.


Equipped with dfang mats, crates and even a spare room, hoy stay provides doggy daycare, boarding and even adhoc walking.


Our Training
Mel's methods features clickers, (really small) hoy treats and establishing a routine. Whether your dog prefers walking on a collar or harness, she is ready to handle either.