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quackin' me up raw duck barf diet

quackin' me up raw duck barf diet

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hoy's quackin' me up raw barf diet are vacuumed & pre-packed in 200g portions


  • duck breast
  • duck neck/feet*
  • duck liver
  • broccoli/celery/pumpkin/spinach*
  • flaxseed/organic chia seed/pumpkin seed*
  • blueberry/mango/strawberry*

*may vary; depends on availability


  • raw

feeding guide

  • the recommendation is to feed approximately 3% of the adult/potential adult body weight. however, as every pup is different, it is important to monitor your pup when you have changed to new brands/just switched to raw. if your pup is highly active, you may need to feed more
  • pup's adult weight
    recommended portion per day
    2kg 60g
    3kg 90g
    4kg 120g
    5kg 150g
    6kg 180g
    7kg 210g
    8kg 240g
    9kg 270g
    10kg 300g
    15kg 450g
    20kg 600g
    25kg 750g
    30kg 900g


  • transfer to a freezer upon receiving it. keep frozen until ready to use. put in chiller overnight before feeding the next day. use leftovers within 48 hours of thawing. do not refreeze once fully thawed